VIN Decoder

For years Digital Business Controls has been perfecting the accuracy of the VIN lookup. For years we have combined the convenience of electronic data with the know how of individuals that know their vehicles to come up with one of the most accurate utilities on the market. In an industry where a decoding success rate of over 85% is considered acceptable and over 95% is considered outstanding, DBC VIN successfully decodes VINs over 99% of the time (99.2% to be specific).

DBC VIN is very specific about decoding a VIN, for example many of the VIN decoding services in the industry will identify a Chevy truck as a “C/K1500”, DBC VIN will identify the VIN specifically as belonging to a “C1500” or a “K1500”.within the POS software.


• Web sites can be linked to the DBC VIN Decoder via a SDK Web Service to return detailed vehicle information.

• Software applications can be integrated with the DBC VIN Decoder. Should you need an automated solution to tie into your existing software application, DBC VIN has a web service that allows XML formatted requests to be sent to our server and an XML formatted response containing the vehicle information or audit message to be posted back. Other custom formats are available, contact DBC to spec out your company’s specific needs.

• Users can add the utility to their Web Sites as a standalone utility or aid in vehicle or part lookups.


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