The ChameleonWare software system is designed for medium-to-large glass companies with five or more users. Features range from basic auto glass repair job costing at point-of-sale to full enterprise retail and wholesale functionality and support. ChameleonWare allows fleet-account customers to customize the software so that it meets their day-to-day business needs. Customer-specific features include customized reports, menus, and point-of-sale prompt flow.

ChameleonWare is an open system environment offering integration with Windows applications such as SQL, MS Word, MS Outlook, Adobe, and MS Excel. The system interfaces with all major accounting packages, including QuickBooks, Business Works, Lawson, Mass90, AccPacWindows, Peachtree and Great Plains. Companies also are able to manage their inventory and work-flow using the following ChameleonWare tools: sales scripts and service notes, in-bound and out-bound call center tools for managing multiple locations, centralized scheduling dispatch, GLAXIS Power Sync Services including electronic dispatchh, dispatch assignment mapping through Yahoo! Maps, multiple location connectivity management and security, and vendor online order integration.

Vendor A/P invoices can be automatically imported into the system and audited against purchase orders. Supportive human resource and financial tools include an integrated time clock, internal e-mail and print management, auto glass vehicle fleet management, vendor import and cost management, accounts receivable and standard general-ledger sales and inventory exports.

ChameleonWare also offers seven-level security with industry-standard security reports and ASP.

Reports can be scheduled to automatically run and text-messaged to the appropriate personnel; this allows business owners to receive sales updates while they are enjoying a game of golf. All documents (reports, sales transactions, statements, purchase orders, etc.) can be automatically e-mailed from the system, either as an attachment or within the body of the e-mail itself.

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module allows salespeople and CSRs to track contacts, to-do items, and expenses for prospective and active accounts. Document imaging ties scanned images directly to sales transactions and purchase orders in the software. Web-based quoting sites are tied directly to the glass shop’s ChameleonWare POS system; quotes are priced and created real-time within the POS software.

• Lower Product Costs

• Employee Motivations

• Increases Sales

• Lower Operating Costs

• Improve Customer Service


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